Ruckert plate “Dear guest”

Ruckert silver enamel plate "Dear guest"

In the center of this plate, a boyarina bride offers the groom a ewer and a beaker on a tray. Above is inscribed in white lettering over blue “Дорогой гость” (Dear guest).
The background resembles a geometric carpet with orange, olive, and blue tones. Encircling the couple is a creamy orange border decorated with green checkmarks and raised silver gilt spheres. Beyond, a band of ovoboid fields alternatively enclose ferocious birds on deep blue grounds and similar shapes with Usolsk-type blossoms over either red or deep violet grounds. The outer, pointed fields contain Usolsk-type blossoms against pink and pale green, or turquoise backgrounds. Circles of translucent green enamel mark the junctures of these fields.
Diameter: 7 3/8″. Circa 1900.

Русское Серебро и Фаберже
Фёдор Рюкерт