Soviet propaganda porcelain plate “Солнце III Интернационала” after Rudolf Vilde

Soviet propaganda porcelain plate "Sun of 3rd International" after design by Rudolf Vilde. "Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!"

This Soviet propaganda plate was dedicated to The Third International, also known as The Communist International or Comintern (1919–1943).
It was an international organization that advocated world communism. It was controlled by the Soviet Union and was tasked to “struggle by all available means, including armed force, for the overthrow of the international bourgeoisie and the creation of an international Soviet republic”.
The Comintern held seven World Congresses in Moscow between 1919 and 1935.
Лозунг на борту “Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!”.

There were 2 versions of this plate – in Russian and in German.

Back of the plate.

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