Soviet Propaganda Porcelain Charger Platter “Angel of the Revolution” after Rudolf Vilde

Soviet Propaganda Porcelain Charger Platter "Angel of the Revolution" after Rudolf Vilde. State Porcelain Factory. 1921

The center painted with a figure of an angel, with a stylized halo shaped as a red star, carrying a red banner inscribed in Russian ‘To Save the Revolution To Help the Famine Victims’, and holding a gilt hammer and sickle, flying above an industrial landscape, the cobalt blue border with a gilt inscription in Russian ‘Workers of the World Unite’. THE STATE PORCELAIN FACTORY, PETROGRAD, 1921. Diameter: 14″. Painted by Ekaterina Yakimovskaya.

Back of the platter.

Эскиз росписи для блюда с лозунгом “Спасти революцию – помочь голодающим”. 1921.
Бумага; карандаш, акварель, тушь.

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