Elizaveta Bem

Born in 1843 in St Petersburg to a noble Russian family of Endaurov that had a Tatar origin. Married a prominent Russian-Hungarian violinist Ludwig Boehm (Bem). Her genre scenes, which were very popular at the time, depicting children in traditional Russian costumes, were printed in many publications, on Easter and Christmas cards, in calendars and books, copied on enamel miniatures, glassware and porcelain. The image was usually accompanied by a proverb or a saying inscribed in a composition with stylized ligature.

The Kornilov Brothers factory issued a series of 12 plates depicting Russian children with playful proverbs. It was based on a booklet with reproductions of watercolors by Elizaveta Bem, published by the lithographic workshop of Ilyin for the All-Russian Manufacturing Exhibition of 1896 in Nizhny Novgorod. Thanks to the skill of ornamental artists at Kornilov factory and the impeccability of execution, this series of plates became one of its most successful products. 

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