Ivan Galnbek

In 1900s, a teacher at the Stieglitz School, an experienced designer, architect, versatile master of applied art Ivan Andreevich Galnbek (1855-1934) developed a number of new porcelain forms for Kornilov Brothers factory: curly dishes, vases, tea caddies, cups with handles in the shape of horses and bears. The decor and forms of Galnbeck’s work often include the characteristic of the late modern lattice motif. The geometric Art Nouveau style pattern is imprinted on the sides of dishes, plates, trays. But his most significant contribution was designing sets of plates and dishes with stylized images of birds, fish and plants inhabiting Russia.

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A set of 12 plates depicting various berries, fruit and nuts (but mostly berries). Shown within border patten # 289. As the vast majority of the factory’s production at the time, these were mostly made for export to North America and served to both educate American public about Russian wild life, and possibly teach people some Russian language by translating the names of the plants which were written in Russian on the front and in American English on the back of the plates.

12 Kornilov Brothers plates and a large dish with whimsical depictions of native Russian fishes. Each fish is named on the front and signed with Ivan Galnbek’s initials “ИГ” in Russian, and named on the back in English. Most with border pattern #288, two with #289. The 21″ long platter with Bream has border pattern #375.

12 plates and a large 17.5″ long platter with whimsical depictions of native Russian birds designed by Ivan Galnbek.
Most shown with border patterns # 288 (red) or # 289 (green).

Various whimsical scenes with a Russian bear designed by Ivan Galnbek. Appear on plates and tea sets (cups and saucers, teapots, creamers, sugars, etc.)