Тарелки и вазы ИФЗ с изображением Дворцовых Гренадёр

The Imperial Palace Grenadiers (Рота дворцовых гренадер) were formed in 1827 from junior officers of various Life-Guard Regiments which had distinguished themselves during the Napoleonic Wars. The Emperor’s decree establishing the new company explained their role as “a special company under the name of the Palace Grenadiers so that they have been provided for throughout their lives and that their service will consist only of police surveillance in the Palaces where I will be staying.” Several Grenadiers died in the 1880 bombing of the Winter Palace in an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Emperor Alexander III.

Шапка роты дворцовых гренадер – высокая, медвежья, закругленная сверху, с гербом на сиянии внизу, с кутасом, с плетешкою и кистями, сделана по образцу шапок французских гвардейских гренадер 1812 г.