Faberge Hardstone Figures

Faberge. Hardstone figure of Baboon. Chalcedony
Chalcedony Baboon
Nephrite jade Snail
Chalcedony chinchilla nibbling gold ear of corn, sapphire eyes, Fabergé, Russia, ca.1910
Chalcedony Chinchilla
Faberge Kangaroo. Banded honey-coloured agate with rose-cut diamond eyes.
Agate Kangaroo
Faberge model of rabbit
Faberge neater. Jasper.
Jasper Anteater
Faberge capercalzie bird
Faberge pigeon bird
A variegated grey and brown agate seated retriever with rose diamond eyes. Faberge dog figurine.
Agate Labrador Retriever
Faberge pelican. Chalcedony, ruby, gold
Chalcedony Pelican
Faberge water buffalo, carved in blue grey chalcedony with ivory horns and cabochon ruby eyes.
Agate Water Buffalo
Faberge shorthorn Dexter bull in obsidian set with cabochon ruby eyes
Obsidian Dexter Bull
Faberge model of Kiwi. HENRIK IMMANUEL WIGSTRÖM. Agate, gold feet, a gold beak. Rose diamond eyes.
Agate Kiwi
Faberge crow, carved in kalgan jasper and obsidian with aquamarine eyes and silver gilt legs. HENRIK IMMANUEL WIGSTRÖM
Obsidian Crow
Faberge dormouse, carved in blue-grey and brown chalcedony, with cabochon sapphire eyes and platinum whiskers.
Chalcedony Dormouse
Faberge large-scale model of African Goose, carved from chalcedony.
Chalcedony Goose
Faberge model of polar bear. Chalcedony and cabochon ruby.
Faberge Polar Bear
Faberge bulldog. Agate, gold.
Agate Bulldog
Faberge Chimpanzee agate
Agate Chimpanzee
Faberge chimpanzee, scratching itself, carved in brown, mauve and blue agate, with olivine eyes.
Agate Chimpanzee
Cockerel c.1908. Obsidian, purpurine, jasper, rose diamonds, gold
Rooster. Obsidian +
Faberge hen made of purpurin with olivine eyes and gold legs fitted with springs.
Red purpurin hen
Faberge koala bear, carved in honey-coloured agate with cabochon emerald eyes, poised on a chased silver branch.
Agate Koala Bear
Faberge warthog, carved in pale brown agate, with rose diamond eyes.
Agate Warthog
FABERGÉ Ostrich c. 1900.
Chalcedony, red gold, rose diamonds
Faberge Ostrich
Faberge flamingo, carved in pink agate with rose diamond eyes and chased dull red gold legs.
Flamingo. Pink Agate
Vulture on a perch c. 1900.
Obsidian, agate, gold, silver-gilt, diamonds
Vulture. Obsidian, agate
Faberge Elephants
Faberge Hippopotamus. Nephrite
Nephrite Hippopotamus
Faberge Rhinoceros. Spotted red jasper.
Red Jasper Rhinoceros
Faberge Penguin. Carved in vari-coloured grey chalcedony with head turned left, rose diamond eyes and chased red gold feet.
Grey Chalcedony Penguin
Agate model of Fish
Faberge gold fish
Gold Fish
Faberge model of Sturgeon. Carved agate. Fish
Faberge mouse
Faberge Mouse
FABERGÉ Coiled snake c. 1900.
Jasper, rose diamonds.
Snake. Jasper
Parrot on a Perch. Faberge. Silver, enamel, jasper, agate, emeralds
Parrot. Agate, jasper
Faberge hardstone horse
Faberge Horse
Faberge robin. Bird
Faberge model of Kingfisher bird. Quartz. The figure is mounted on gold feet from Henrik Wigström's workshop.
Kingfisher. Quartz
Frog. Box. Nephrite
Faberge model of Spaniel. Dog. Opal, cabochon rubies in gold collets.
Spaniel. Opal
Faberge begging poodle. Agate. Rubies as eyes.
Poodle. Agate