Lydia and Piotr Vyechegzhanin

Lydia Vyechegzhanina was the wife and a pupil of Sergei Chekhonin. She created a few designs for propaganda porcelain plates adopted by State Porcelain Factory in St Petersburg from 1919 thru early 1920s.

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Piotr Vyechegzhanin, Lydia’s son from her first marriage, was born in St Petersburg in 1904. He was a pupil of his step-father Sergei Chekhonin. Vychegzhanin worked at State Porcelain Factory in 1919-1920 creating a number of designs for Soviet propaganda plates with some very aggressive political slogans which is pretty amazing considering his young age. After emigrating to Paris with his parents in 1928, he became a well-known Surrealistic artist under the name Pierre Ino. Hard to blame the fellow for changing his name. It’s absolutely impossible to pronounce, and even harder to spell 🙂 Ironically, his adult paintings are worth a lot less than copies of his clumsy childhood drawings!